Delicious eats: A visit to The Visit

Spoiler alert: I’ll be talking about good old banana bread, probably the least fancy vegan cake out there. But the weather is bad and I’m craving comfort food, and while this place is reasonably hipster, the cake really hits all the right buttons.

For the longest time, I’ve been driving past The Visit Coffee Roastery, thinking I would stop and check it out some day. Well that day was today and so I stepped out of the rain into an airy white inviting interior. Prominently displayed at the back wall is a neon sign that reads the visit coffee. And like we say in German “Der Name ist Programm” aka the name says it all, on the menu you’ll find all your usual coffee fixes plus specialty brewing types like drip coffee and ibrik, the Turkish way to prepare coffee.

Along some really tasty coffee, you can also take your pick from a small menu. Granted – for vegans, the selection is even smaller. However, they do have a vegan coconut coffee pudding, the already mentioned banana bread and an Acai Vegan Super Bowl. If you come here for lunch, you can grab their vegan bagel, hummus and cucumber.


While I’m indulging in some banana bread and coffee, the sun comes out and more people start coming in. The place fills up fast but even with all tables occupied, you can still have a conversation, get some work done or focus on say – a generous piece of cake. Speaking of, the banana bread is delicious. Banana, chocolate, and nuts. Need I say more?

I’m tempted to also try the coconut coffee pudding, since the banana bread wasn’t overly sweet. But then I decide against it, cos two desserts before lunch would be a bit too much, even for me.



The Visit

Müllerstr. 28

13353 Berlin

Opening times:

Mo-Fri: 8am – 8pm

Sat-Sun: 9am – 8pm

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