Delicious eats: Superfood & Organic Liquids: Adding some magic to simple food

If you are looking for a breakfast & lunch place that satisfies both your taste buds and your eyes, look no further. Superfood & Organic Liquids in Charlottenburg is the recently opened second concept store of its kind. And proof that a business model based on excellent healthy organic food – clean food – can be successful. All their recipes are created by a certified nutritionist and include at least one superfood.

Last week I found myself in Charlottenburg, on Ku’damm more precisely. Usually I have no reason to be in Charlottenburg, and since parking is a nightmare there, I tend to skip that area. Not last week though. As I was trying to find a parking spot it just so happened that one opened up directly in front of the Superfood & Organic Liquids concept store. Now, I’m not one to walk past a concept store without taking a peek inside so I just knew I had to go in. And I’m glad I did. It’s a beautifully designed store. High ceilings, white walls, minimalistic interior design, a gorgeous bathroom – I was smitten.

superfoods and organic liquids Berlin store front.JPG

However, since technically I was there for the food, let’s talk food or rather – liquids. I wasn’t very hungry so I opted for a delicious yet not very exciting low carb vegan sandwich with avocado. I know, I know, a vegan sandwich is barely news worthy. So let’s move on to the liquid part of my lunch.

Nicely displayed in the fridge next to their food offerings (plenty of vegan options available!), you can choose between several colourful juices. White, orange, red, green and surprisingly: black. I should have gone for the green juice, because, well, vegetables and vitamins but instead I decided to give the black juice aka Black Devil a try. The girl who took my order told me the innovative-not-so-innovative ingredient: Activated charcoal to turn the apple/lime/lemon/mint juice black.

superfoods and organic liquids Berlin interior.JPG

I feel like black is the new thing in food in Berlin. Or maybe it’s been here all along but I was too busy to spot it? Probably the latter. Anyway, back to the important thing: The juice was fresh and tasty and so was the sandwich. If you don’t mind Charlottenburg prices and hunger strikes while you’re out shopping on Ku’damm and you want to get some sugar/dairy/gluten free food, I can warmly recommend this place. Also, once you’re there, do visit the bathroom, it’s too pretty to be missed!

Organic juice with active charcoal


Superfoods & Organic Liquids

Schlüterstr. 37

10629 Berlin

Opening times:

MON – FRI 07:30 – 19:00h

SAT 09:00 – 19:00h

SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 10:00 – 18:00h

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