Delicious eats: A visit to Vanille & Marille for their vegan ice cream

Located in one of Kreuzberg’s busy streets, the new Vanille & Marille ice cream shop in Schlesische Straße is an eye catcher and impossible to miss with the store front painted in bright pink and a long queue of people waiting to get their sugary fix on a warm day (picture below without the queue).


I’m heading in before the rush hour starts around 1pm when working professionals come for a quick dessert before heading back to the office. The place is open until late, so party goers – plenty in this part of Kreuzberg – can enjoy some unusual flavours like black lemon with buttermilk until late in the evening.


As tasty as the black lemon flavor looks, unfortunately it’s not vegan. Of the vegan variety, they offer three flavours: a soy milk based hazelnut banana ice cream with small pieces of nuts, a very chocolaty chocolate with orange and a delicious looking raspberry sorbet.

I’m going for a scoop of La Habana, their hazelnut and banana ice cream, and their raspberry sorbet. At 1.60 Euro a scoop, their scoops are decent sized and you can choose between a vegan black (dyed with chocolate and activated charcoal) cone or a paper cup. Naturally, I’m going for the cone. It looks pretty instagramable and the ice cream tastes as delicious as it looks. Their ice cream is 100% natural, without additives or flavour enhancers, so you could even go for all three flavours at once.


If you find yourself close to Schlesisches Tor, don’t miss the chance to get some Vanille & Marille ice cream. If you cross the street, you’ll reach the Spree river where you can sit down and enjoy your treat. Or walk across the bridge to the East Side Park on the other side and sit down on one of the stairs to listen to local artists playing music.

That’s spring in Berlin.



Vanille & Marille

Schlesische Str. 7

10997 Berlin

Opening times: every day from 12pm

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